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If your child refuses to eat the apple skin, do not despair. At least they will get the fiber. Eighteen apple fiber found in white meat. There are two kinds of fibers, namely soluble and insoluble fiber. Both are not absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. But both are equally valuable.
Meat apples contain soluble fiber, mostly in the form called pectin. This is a material that is also used to thicken jellies.


Like how to thicken the strawberry jam, pectin accumulate and make your stomach feel full. At the same time, pectin binds to sugar for a while, so sugar is not rushing into the bloodstream. Pectin release these sugars regularly, maintain a stable blood sugar.
If you eat the apple with the skin, you’ll get more fiber, especially soluble fiber that can not. As the name implies, the insoluble fiber is not soluble in water. The body can not absorb it. The benefit is precisely because the fibers accumulate in the dirt and facilitates her out, help prevent conditions such as abdominal pain syndrome anddiverticulosis.

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За авторот : Даниел Трбогазов

Даниел е Дипломиран Проф. по Физичко образование и е главен уредник и основач на порталот Мој Тренер. Работната кариера ја гради како Фитнес Тренер и Инструктор по пливање. Работи со млади и возрасни почетници , луѓе со посебни потреби и нуди простор за индивидуални тренинзи. Неговата основна цел е да ги поттикне младите и возрасните да водат здрав и физички активен живот, а воедно и да даде придонес во збогатувањето на спортската литература на овие простори.

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